Promotion test summer term 2017 Like usually at the end of the term the students had the opportunity to participate in a promotion test to get a higher belt. This time it was  a first ever possible to do the test for the 9th and 8th Kup at the same day, which is possible due to a change of rules by the German  Taekwondo Union. This chance was taken by several students who showed an outstanding performance at their first two tests. We (the coaches) congratulate all the participants for the passed promotion tests. Everyone performed great! Participants: 8th Kup (yellow belt): Simone Hettinger  Oliver Hennes  Elena Ruckh Jan Holpsach  Nathalie Hanisch  Rebecca Pfeifer Hannes Suhr  7th Kup (yellow-green belt): Abdelghafour Ait Ben-Aalla f.t.l. Fabian (coach/examiner), Lea (coach), Olli, Elena, Louise, Jan, Nathalie, Rebecca, Simone, Hannes, Abdel, Alex, Eli (coach) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aalen students succesful at the international Black Forest Open Tournament On saturday the 29th of April 2017 Fabian Burkhardt and Lea Wietschorke participatet at the international Black Forest Open  Tournament, which was held for the 9th time in Nagold in the black forest. The tournament is known for the opportunity to participate in  Poomsae and Fight in an international level. For the traditional Poomsae it was important to deliver a perfect performance in technique as well as presentation. Both students showed a good performance in the pair category, where they reached a 3rd place. In the single competition, Fabian made it to the finals and reached a good 6th place in the traditionally very difficult category of seniors 1  18-30 (black belt category). Lea, too, reached the finals with very good performances and finished 6th in the equally difficult category  seniros 1 18-30. It was a great tournament for both of them. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd place Baden Regional Championship 2017 On March the 12th, the 2017 Baden regional championship were held in Bühl. Fabian reached a 3rd place with very good performances  leaving many competitors behind. It was the first time after 2 years that he competed again in Baden for his home club TSV Grunbach.  Grunbach also won an impressive 3rd place in the club ranking.    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Successful termination of the winter term 16/17 Already for the third time a promotion test was held at Aalen University, as part of the University Sport programme. We (the coaches)  congratulate all participants for the passed promotion test. Everyone performed great! Participants:  9th Kup (white-yellow belt):  Simone Hettinger  7th Kup (yellow-green belt): Efe-Deniz Genc Daniel Lell Annabelle Munding f.t.l. Annabelle, Efe-Deniz, Eli (coach), Anika (coach), Simone, Daniel (front), Fabian (examiner) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ German University Championship 2016 in Friedberg v.l. Anja, Fabian andLea at the GUC in Friedberg  On the 3rd ant 4th of December the German University Championship in Taekwondo were held in Friedberg. Once again the Taekwondo- elite of German Universities met and competet at a tournament for the title of German University Champion. With over 120 competitiors a  lot of competitors participated this year. On saturday the Poomsae competition took place. In this competition three students of Aalen University participated. Fabian Burkhardt  (3rd Dan), the coach of Aalens University Taekwondo group, started in category A male. This class is reserved for masters and master  candidates and only the winner of category A is entitelt to call himself Germany University Champion. The professional level of this  competition is undermined by the names of the competitors. After four Poomsae Roger Kesternich, world champion of 2010 and member  of the German national team, won before his teammate Triumf Beha, also German national team. On third place was Jendrik Mertensen  of the federal state team of Schleswig-Holstein. Following the top three were Fabian Frank (federal state team of Baden-Württemberg),  Manuel Krischke (Federal state team of Nordrhein-Westfalen), Steven Behn (German national team), Volkan Batur (federal state team of  Baden-Württemberg) and Andreas Klein. Fabian barely missed the final and reached the 9th place. In the female category A, two students startet. Anja Schwab (1st Dan) and Lea Wietschorke (1st Dan). Like in the male category also in  the female category A it was a tough competition. In the end Franziska Schneegans, number one in the German national team won.  Second were was her teammate Jessica Rau (German national team) and third, former member of the German national team, Jana  Katharina Abt. Following the top three were Bianca Schönemeier (ferderal state team of Niedersachsen) and Isabel Hely (federal state  team of Baden-Württemberg). Anja showed the best performance of Aalens students that day and reached a spectacular 6th place. She  won against Julia Dunkel (federal state team of Hessen) and Leonie Ginsberg. Our second starter in that category, Lea, showed a great performance, too, and reached the 11th place. For Anja and Lea it was a terrific permiere at the German University Championships.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st place Gaiana Trophy 2016 On Sunday the 2nd of Ocotber Fabian participated at on of the biggest tournaments in Slovenia and surrounding countries, the Gaiana  Trophy in Ljubljana. The tournament was held in Hala Tivoli, the former national stadium of Slovenia. The competed for the Taekwondo Team Gaiana and left with very good scores his competitors behind and won the categoy Seniors 1 18- 30. At the tournament competed approximately 350 competitors from 9 different countries.       ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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