To find a suitable name is always a special task. It is not quite easy because a name´s first impression is of great importance. In  addition a name in Taekwondo often comes with a deeper meaning. Therefore it is of importance to choose a name which has  expressiveness and meaning for athletes to identify with.  It took me a long time to find a name where I was convinced that it resembles all of the above.  The name “Saja” is korean for “lion”. There are several reasons why I decided to go with that name. First, the lion is also my zodiacal  sign and thats just another reason why I am so excited about the lion. Second, he incarnates a few characteristics I really admire. He  stands for courage, ferocity, wisdom, bravery and willpower. Often the lion is also depicted as a symbol for the sun and light. In tales  and stories he is also named as “King of the animals” and therefore pictures as a symbol for power. Crucial for my decision were the characteristics of the lion. In my opinion every Taekwondoka should aquire these characteristics: Courage: Only the ones who have courage are able to make decisions not only changing their life but also the life of others. Ferocity:  Ferocity is best described as vitality or lust for life. Without it our life would just be miserable and monotonous. Wisdom:  Wisdom plays a special role for me. Wisdom reflects intelligence and great knowledge, which is usually going along with life  experience and is growing steadily. But wisdom also comes from learning from one´s own mistakes.  Bravery: Bravery means to hold out in difficult situations despite setbacks. Willpower:  With enough willpower almost everything in life can be achieved. It is the seen the same as the fixity of purpose.  Additional to these characteristics, there are more I consider essential to be a good person. These are, amongst others, courtesy, discipline and honesty. Sadly not all of them can be summarized in the meaning of one name.

Origin of the name

© Fabian Burkhardt -
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