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On this website I would like to tell you more about the Korean Martial Art  Taekwondo! Besides that I also have a little extra for the material scientists. Are you interested in Taekwondo, but never had much to do with it? If that is the case I would like to recommend the beginners Taekwondo tour at the bottom  left of this side. From there I will introduce you step by step to the wonderful  sport of Taekwondo. If you are a student of Hochschule Aalen and you registered for the Taekwondo  course, you will find an extra area especially for students on the bottom of this  page in addition to the beginners tour, of course. Are you here because you have a problem calculating the mass fraction of  alloys? Then my personally designed programme AMFC might help. It provides  an easy way to convert the atomic percentages of alloys to weigth percentages  and also helps you to calculate the weight if necessary. If you want to check out  AMFC please klick on the bottom right corner to get to the programme. I any case I wish you a lot of fun with this website.  best wishes,  Fabian
Taekwondo Beginners Tour
Taekwondo at Hochschule Aalen
Advanced Mass Fraction Calculator
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