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Since October 2015 Taekwondo a Taekwondo course is available at Aalen University. The  training in Aalen is one of a few at German Universities, that is licensed by the German  Taekwondo Union. This license assures, that the quality of the training is up to the standard set by the German  Taekwondo Union (DTU) and World Taekwondo (WT). It is also possible to take part in Taekwondo promotion tests, which have international validity. To give you the ultimate training experience, we have specially trained coaches with a lot of  experience, not only in training but also competitions in Fight and Poomsae. First Training: For the training no special clothing or equipment is necessary. Nontheless your clothes should  allow you to move properly to perform kicks and other excercises (usually normal sportswear  fullfills that purpose). Taekwondo is usually practiced barefoot. If you do not want to practice barefoot you should at  least train with very light shoes, otherwise you might hurt your angles. There are special shoes  for martial arts, which I would recommend you to buy.  The following is a link to such shoes. There are many others that are just as fine as these. Example for martial arts shoes  If you have questions or problems of any kind, please feel free to contact me. You can reach  me at fabi@die5burkhardts.de and in WhatsApp: 01602176698 Please read the training rules BEFORE the first training session. You can find them here!  
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Training times WS 17/18  Mondays: 20:30-22:00 in the Weidenfeldhalle Our Coaches: Fabian Coach 3rd Dan Coach C license DOSB Taekwondo teacher in school sport (DTUJ) Licensed Coach of the TUBW Lea Assistent Coach 1st Dan Anja Assistent Coach 1st Dan Anika Assistent Coach 1st Kup
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