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Team   Saja   is   a   community   of   Taekwondo   athletes   from   different   clubs   to   overcome   the   boundaries   of   clubs   and   federations.   The purpose is to enhance the flow of knowledge between clubs and athletes and to compete together as one team, if possible. Team   Saja   was   founded   in   autumn   2017   for   the   purpose   of   five   people   from   three   different   clubs   competing   together   as   one   team at   the   WTF   Tournament   Gaiana   Trophy   in   Ljubljana.   Founder   and   Coach   Fabian   Burkhardt,   created   this   team   together   with   Lea Wietschorke, Rilana Wörner, Daniel Rau and Ameli Wörner. The   goal   of   Team   Saja   is   to   create   a   community   of   athletes   who   share   the   same   values   and   principles   and   to   collect   and   distribute knowledge   wherever   and   whenever   possible.   The   Team   is   open   for   everyone   who   is   interested.   There   are   no   requirements   such   as Kup   or   Dan   grade   nor   age,   nor   sex,   nor   Taekwondo   Federation,   as   long   as   the   applicant   is   interested   in   the   values   and   principles   of Team Saja. Values and principles of Team Saja: - Collection and distribution of Taekwondo knowledge - Building ONE Taekwondo family open for everyone - The Five Tenets of Taekwondo expressed by Choi Hong Hi - Courtesy (Yeui) - Integrity (Yeomchi) - Perseverance (Innae) - Self-control (Geukgi) - Indomitable spirit (Baekjeolbulgul) - Living by the following oath (original oath from Choi Hong Hi modified by Fabian Burkhardt) I shall observe the tenets of Taekwondo, I shall respect all forms of life, I shall never misuse Taekwondo, I shall be a champion for freedom and justice, I shall build a more peaceful world. Anyone   sharing   the   values   and   principles   mentioned   above   is   most   welcome   to   join   the   community.   If   interested   to   be   listed   as   a member please contact . Origin of the name: To   find   a   suitable   name   is   always   a   special   task.   It   is   not   quite   easy   because   a   name´s   first   impression   is   of   great   importance.   In addition   a   name   in   Taekwondo   often   comes   with   a   deeper   meaning.   Therefore   it   is   of   importance   to   choose   a   name   which   has expressiveness and meaning for athletes to identify with. It took me a long time to find a name where I was convinced that it resembles all of the above. The   name   “Saja”   is   korean   for   “lion”.   There   are   several   reasons   why   I   decided   to   go   with   that   name.   First,   the   lion   is   also   my   zodiacal sign   and   thats   just   another   reason   why   I   am   so   excited   about   the   lion.   Second,   he   incarnates   a   few   characteristics   I   really   admire. He   stands   for   courage,   ferocity,   wisdom,   bravery   and   willpower.   Often   the   lion   is   also   depicted   as   a   symbol   for   the   sun   and   light.   In tales and stories he is also named as “King of the animals” and therefore pictures as a symbol for power. Crucial for my decision were the characteristics of the lion. In my opinion every Taekwondoka should aquire these characteristics: Courage: Only the ones who have courage are able to make decisions not only changing their life but also the life of others. Ferocity: Ferocity is best described as vitality or lust for life. Without it our life would just be miserable and monotonous. Wisdom: Wisdom   plays   a   special   role   for   me.   Wisdom   reflects   intelligence   and   great   knowledge,   which   is   usually   going   along   with   life experience and is growing steadily. But wisdom also comes from learning from one´s own mistakes. Bravery: Bravery means to hold out in difficult situations despite setbacks. Willpower: With enough willpower almost everything in life can be achieved. It is seen the same as the fixity of purpose. Additional to these characteristics, there are more I consider essential to be a good person. These are, amongst others, courtesy, discipline and honesty. Sadly not all of them can be summarized in the meaning of one name.
© Taekwondo Team Saja - Fabian Burkhardt


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