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2nd place Black Forest Cup 2015 On   Saturday   June   13th   Fabian   (2nd   Dan)   took   part   in   the   International   Black   Forest   Open   Poomsae   in   Nagold.   He   started   in   the performance   class   1   seniors   male   18-29   years.   In   a   strong      group   he   scored   5.37   points   in   the   semi-final   for   Poomsae   Taebaek   (No. 11),   which   put   him   in   second   place   meanwhile.   With   his   final   form   Poomsae   Sipjin   (No.   13)   he   achieved   a   slightly   better   score   of 5.40   and   finally   had   to   admit   defeat   only   to   Benedict   Linz   (3rd   Dan)   of   the   Hessian   state   squad   and   in   the   end   reached   a   great   2nd place.


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© Taekwondo Team Saja - Fabian Burkhardt