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Important information

The programme AMFC is an Excel  document working with macros. To  use the macros they need to be  activated when opening the  document. Most of the time a window  will pop up, when opening the  document. In some cases it might be  necessary to change the security  settings. For questions of any kind  feel free to contact me immediately.  The document is password secured to avoid any accidental changes to the  programme, that affect the calculation.  If there is the wish or need to perform  changes to the programme you are  free to contact me for the password.   At the end I would like to point out that  with the download of AMFC you agree  to the general terms and conditions. Here are the GTCs: 1) The programme is for private use  only. 2) A distribution of the programm is  only permitted if the source of the  programme remains clear. 3) A distribution of this programme  after private changes have been made  is not permitted as long as the  changes are not approved by the  developer of AMFC.  4) Mistakes in the programme have to  be submitted immediately, so that they  can be removed as soon as possible. 5) Suggestions for improvement are  requestet dearly. 6) A change of the file name is only  permitted to adjust the name for your  personal folder structure.
Advanced Mass Fraction Calculator AMFC is a programme for the convertion of atomic percent to weight percent of alloys, and to  calculate the net weight of the elements. The main use for this programme is in applied research, where alloy compositions are produced.  Usually the composition is given in atomic percent but needs to be converted to weight percent  (mass fraction) to produce the desired alloy composition. The calculation therefore is quite easy,  but also time consuming.  AMFC is desined to allow the calculation of alloys with up to 10 elements at a time and stores the  atom weights of every known element in a database.  The programme was developed in 2016 at the institute Jozef Stefan in Slovenia, where it also has  been tested. It is frequently used there and also at Aalen University. A step by step manual is attached in the programme. Should there still be a problem of any kind,  please feel free to contact me at: fabi@die5burkhardts.de The download and additional information are found at the left site of this page.
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